Hyperloop-The Fifth Mode Of Transportation

By | August 4, 2017
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Hyperloop-The Fifth Mode Of Transportation



Are you fed up with time-consuming, unclean, air polluted, more expensive transportation system?—Then, new technology is coming to eradicate all these problems.

We know, we have 4 modes of transportation system right now– Airways, Railways, Shipways, Roadways.

The fifth mode of the transportation system is going to launch within 4 years, which will remove all the boring, unwanted stuff you are experiencing in the present-day transportation system.

Now, which is that fifth mode of transportation? —That is Hyperloop.

What is Hyperloop?

what is hyperloop

  • It is an advanced mode of transportation where passengers and goods are transported at the highest speed—700MPH (Miles Per Hour) i.e. 1,126KMPH which is the speed of sound.
  • It is the fastest and less expensive mode of transportation ever seen in the world.
  • It is such transportation, where passengers sit in the capsule covered with low pressure inside the tunnel.

Who’s idea?

elon musk

  • The concept of Hyperloop has got the history of more than 100years. But it’s current idea from Elon Musk.
  • Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Car Company, Paypal, SpaceX.

What is the concept behind Hyperloop?

concept behind hyperloop

  • The major concept behind Hyperloop is the capsule which is placed in the low-pressure tube, elevated due to magnetic levitation (Maglev).
  • It produces low resistance or friction because it is kept in the low-pressure area or the vacuum.
How does it work?
  1. Overview


  • It consists of the sealed capsule that will carry 28 passengers that transport along the path defined by the tunnels.
  • Magnets play a very important role in moving the capsule with high speed.
  1. Tube Construction

Tube construction

  • Each tube is supported by the pillars. Roughly there is need of 25,000 pillars which are constructed using reinforced materials.
  1. Energy Requirement


  • The huge amount of energy required for this work is generated by solar panels kept above the tunnels.
  • One more interesting point about Hyperloop is that it produces more energy than it requires.
  1. Working



  • Thrust force produced by linear induction motor enables the forward motion of the capsule.
  • Due to the forward motion produced by capsule changes the magnetic field and helps in moving forward.
  • It produces very low friction as it is kept in the vacuum.


  • Magnetic field lifts the pod and thrust force to accelerate.


  • Thrust force can be reversed to decelerate the pod.
  • Change of air flow into the tunnel can produce resistance and slow the capsule.
Is there any vacuum chamber developed in the world?

Yes, the world’s biggest vacuum chamber built by NASA in 1969. It has 122 feet (37m) height and 100 feet(30m) in diameter.

One interesting point about Hyperloop is, a vacuum chamber which is supposed to build Hyperloop is five times larger than the world’s biggest vacuum chamber.

Which are the companies involved in this project?

Hyperloop Technologies, SpaceX, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies.

Which are the routes proposed by the Hyperloop?

     Hyperloop One

  • Estonia-Finland, 56 miles
  • Vienna-Budapest, 150 miles
  • The Netherlands, 266 miles
  • Corsica-Sardinia, 280 miles
  • Helsinki-Stockholm, 300 miles

     Hyperloop Transport Technologies

  • Brno-Bratislava, 80 miles
  • Abu Dhabi-Al Ain, 107 miles

     SpaceX/Elon Musk

  • San Francisco-Los Angeles, 380 miles
How much will it cost?


How it differs from the conventional mode of transportation?
  • Faster, cheaper, 100% cleaner than conventional mode of transportation.
  • Inexpensive than air tickets.
  • Removes air pollution, accident.
How it differs from Maglev train?

Magnetic levitation

  • Allows the object to be suspended with no support other than the magnetic field.
  • Right now, the fastest maglev train is in Japan which moves at the speed of 375MPH.
  • It is the same technology that is used in Hyperloop but of an upgraded version.
  • Major advantages of Hyperloop over Maglev is, it reduces the infrastructure cost and the huge amount of money spend on copper coils.
How Hyperloop differs from the High-Speed Train in California?
  1. California High-Speed Train—Cost–$68billion, Speed—350MPH
  2. Hyperloop—Cost–$7.5billion, Speed—700MPH
What are the advantages of the Hyperloop?
  • If Hyperloop becomes the reality, it is going to change the lifestyle of the people.
  • Empowers the economic and manufacturing scale of the World.
  • Traffic completely reduces, so it results in fewer accidents.
  • Use of overloaded truck can be reduced and it reduces the huge number of accidents.
  • The world becomes faster which provides the huge opportunity to jobless people.
What are the challenges faced by the Hyperloop?
  1. Creating the long vacuum chamber
  • It is the major problem faced by the Hyperloop.
  • Creating the chamber with diameter 3m and full of 600km is a highly challenging task.
  • It needs 2million meter cube of the volume of a vacuum chamber.
  1. Thermal Expansion

Steel has the thermal expansion of 13×10(-6) (10 power -6).

Say normal temperature—0 to 40degree Celsius.

So, total expansion will be 0.000013×40=0.0000500

Total length of Hyperloop=600,000m

Total expansion=300m

It means if the weather changed from colder to hotter than Hyperloop will increase by 300m.

So, there is need of huge amount of vacuum seals to avoid expansions.

  1. Speed
  • The capsule is traveling about the speed of sound if something is not balanced than it causes huge risk.
  1. Crashes
  • The major disadvantage of Hyperloop is if any accident or crash happens no one will be alive in the Hyperloop.
  • It not only kills the people inside the Hyperloop but also destroys the infrastructure of that place.
  • It is something like a bullet fired from the gun.
What Critics say about Hyperloop?

According to the experts, the idea of Hyperloop is exciting but unrealistic.

What is India’s approach to Hyperloop?

india's approach to hyperloop

  • Elon Musk approached India to launch the Hyperloop.
  • Transport Minister Nitin Gadhkari approved to conduct trail version in Pune to Mumbai route.
What are the Indian routes proposed?
  • Delhi to Mumbai—1385km—Hyperloop takes just 65min to reach.
  • Delhi to Chennai—2175km—Hyperloop takes just 105min to reach.

Yes, Hyperloop has its own advantages and disadvantages. But it is the responsibility of every engineer to create advanced future for us.

This concept is a huge spark for the young and talented engineers to work on it and giving better results.

So, let’s hope for better future with Hyperloop.




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