Sampling Theorem MATLAB Verification

By | December 6, 2017

Sampling Theorem MATLAB Verification  Logic used in Sampling Theorem MATLAB To get Sampling figure1  Generate analog signal. Plot this analog signal into the figure1.  Generate undersampled signal. Plot this into the figure1. Generate critical signal. Plot this into the figure1.  Generate oversampled signal. Plot this into the figure1. To get Reconstruction figure2 Plot the analog… Read More »

HDL Code To Simulate 8:3 Priority Encoder

By | November 30, 2017

HDL code to simulate 8:3 priority encoder Aim –Simulate 8:3 priority encoder  Basic concepts to understand simulate 8:3 priority encoder Priority Encoder Theory In priority encoder, there are 8 inputs, 1 enable signal and 3 outputs. In this program, we are using [7:0]i==i[7], i[6], i[5], i[4], i[3], i[2], i[1], i[0] as inputs. en – enable signal [2:0]y… Read More »