Why Is Social Media Marketing In Buzz?

By | August 2, 2017
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Why Is Social Media Marketing In Buzz?


Today, we are living in the different world. Technology has completely changed our ways of thinking about the product and engaging with it, this led to the change in the business strategies.

If you are running traditional business marketing, then I am sure that your engagement with your customer is going to decline in upcoming future.

Top companies already switched to the Digital Marketing.

The most important part of digital marketing is Social Media Marketing.

Why we have to choose social media marketing?


  •  Today, most of the people are not seeing T.V. for news updates, they are switching to Twitter.
  • Even Youtube celebrities are earning more income than the Hollywood and Bollywood stars.
  • Today competition is not determined by company size, bigger or older. It depends on how well you connect with your customers.
  • In previous, large companies focused on research and development, but today they are focusing on connecting and development.
  • The best example for this is the success of Xiaomi and Oppo mobiles, where they focused more on online marketing.
  • Costumers share their reviews on brands in social media, which is very important for the business person to understand the mindset of his user.
  • Costumer communities are not afraid to share reviews of big companies and big brands. Anyone negative comment may spoil the online reputation of the big company.
  • The random conversation about brands is giving more sale than keeping the big banner in the city.
  • Social media gives the huge opportunity to the smaller, younger, locally based companies to emerge without any geographical and demographical barriers.
  • The complete mindset of the customer buying process changed to friends, family, Facebook fans, twitter follower reviews, not by seeing the advertisements in the T.V or big banners in the center of the city.
  • Costumers bother more about the opinion of others. They share their opinion and compile massive pools of reviews.
  • Costumer points their own picture of big companies and brands, which is very different from what companies and brands eager to project.

Facebook Marketing


Why is Facebook marketing, the important platform for social media marketing?

  • Of course, the answer is a population of Facebook users.
  • In the complete world, there are over 2.01 Billion active Facebook users for June 2017.
  • 1.32 Billion people on an average log into Facebook daily.
  • On an average, the Like and Share Buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites.
  • In every 100 females, 76 females use Facebook. In every 100 males, 66 males use Facebook.
  • Present day, our Facebook profile is like our personal profile.

How to market our products on the Facebook?

There are two ways, you can market your products.

  1. By giving money to the Facebook-Facebook ads.
  2. By creating your company page and engaging your costumers by giving everyday updates, new blogs, and offers.

How to create Facebook ads?

Features of Facebook ads.


  • The main source of income for Facebook Company is ads. You may not believe that Facebook earning from its feature of advertising is $9.16 Billion.
  • You can easily target your desired audience from Facebook. In one way, Facebook is making money by selling users profile.
  • You can easily target your desired audience from demographical, geographical point of view also.
  • You have also the option to exclude the number of audience from geographical areas.

Youtube Marketing


  • Youtube site has got over 1Billion active users each month.
  • As per marketing point of view, it is the best platform for branding your products.
  • You can market your ads on youtube by creating Google Adwords Account.

Twitter Marketing

  • The total number of active Twitter users as of June 2017 is 328millions.
  • It is a very important platform for live news.
  • Twitter also provides the feature of advertising your products.

LinkedIn Marketing

  • The total number of active users as of June 2017 is 500millions.
  • It is a very important platform for hiring professional people, B2B lead generation.


  • It is knowledge sharing and ‘Q and A’ exchange website.
  • This platform gives, how people are thinking about your product.
  • You can engage with your costumers by giving satisfying answers to their questions. This platform makes you bring transparency to your company with your customers.


  • The total number of active monthly users are 150million.
  • This is the platform where you can pin your desired images.
  • It is very important for the companies which are focusing on food, drink, technology.
  • One more interesting fact about Pinterest is most of its users are females. So, it is the best platform for the company thinking for female related products.

Google plus

  • As of now, Google has not started its advertising platform in Google plus.
  • But it is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) point of view.


  • 400 million active users are using Instagram. It is growing platform.
  • The main advantage of focusing Instagram is its huge source of young people. If your product is related to young people means this is the best choice for you.


Today, social media marketing is in high buzz. Every company adopted social media marketing to enhance their leads. Even jobs for social media marketer is increasing day by day.

If you are a businessman, then this is the right time to focus on social media marketing and start utilizing your time where people utilize.

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