What Is Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web?

By | October 7, 2017
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What Is Dark Web, Deep Web, Surface Web?

Dark Web, Surface Web , Deep Web

This blog gives you answer to all these confusions in your mind,

  1. Normal people can access only 4% of the internet, what is there in that rest 96% of the internet?
  2. What is surface web, deep web, dark web?
  3. How to access the dark web?
  4. What is the difference between deep and dark web?
  5. Do’s and don’t’s in dark web?
  6. Why it is difficult for any government to stop illegal activities in the dark web?


The information provided on this blog is only for educational purpose.

It is requested for you to don’t get into a dark web without proper knowledge. If you tried, your information may get hacked and you may face some serious legal problems in the future.

Don’t let your curiosity spoiling your future.

Let’s take the questions one by one,

1) What is surface web, deep web, dark web?

1) Surface web

  • Part of the internet that is available to the general public, which is crawled by search engines like Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing.
  • The Search engine uses their crawling technology to crawl. Based on their algorithm they will index the website in the SERP page.
  • It consists of the static websites and fixed page websites.
  • Generally, all surface websites are developed with HTML, whose code content never changes in the internet or there is no interference to change that content.
  • This area of the web is observed by the government cyber securities across the world.
  • Surface website domain name end with .com, .in, .org.

Examples—amazon, Techgeetam, Google SERP page, Facebook, Twitter, most of the sites you are using in day to day life comes under this category.

2) Deep Web

Deep Web

  • Deep web consists of the online database relating to the dynamic pages, which cannot be indexed by search engines like Google.
  • In one way, it is hidden content behind the forms. It can only be assessed if the user provides proper input values.
  • The highly advanced encryption system is adopted in the deep web.
  • For every dynamic page will have the deep web in it.
  • It is the area of the server, where important information is stored securely.
  • It contains—username, passwords, user database.
  • If you are using online banking platform, this deep web contains all your information, passwords relating to your account.
  • When you are on the Facebook account, then you are in the deep web.
  • It also contains highly professional government documents.
  • The deep web is 500 times larger than the surface web.
  • It contains 550 billion individual documents.
  • It contains 7500 terabytes of information.

3) Dark Web

Dark Web

  • The small part of the deep web, which cannot be indexed by search engines.
  • According to BBC News, “It is virtually untraceable global networks used by political activists and criminals alike.”
  • People who are using this network want to promote their illegal activities to the external world.
  • Mostly used by the FBI hackers, terrorist organizations, Hit-men.

Things available in Dark Web,

  1. Drugs
  2. Counterfeit currency
  3. Forged Papers
  4. Firearms, ammunition, and explosives
  5. Hit-men
  6. Illegal Human organ trade
  7. Child trafficking
  8. Stolen credit cards
  9. Illegal services, drug trafficking
  10. Pirated software

How dark web works?

  • Payment methods—generally, they use bitcoins, dark coins, reserved systemic features which help to keep their identity hidden.
  • Web hosting services—dark website uses bulletproof web hosting services, which helps to keep their identity hidden.

2) How to access the dark web?

Deep Web

1) Tor browser

  • It is a browser for the dark web.
  • It provides .onion extension instead of .com extension.
  • It has a special feature that it hides user information.

2) Search engine

  • Grams, a search engine created by hackers for the dark web.

3) Hidden wiki

  • It is a database which contains information about the dark web.
  • It can only be accessed through tor browser.

4) Apps

  • There are many mobile apps available to use tor browser like Psiphon, tunnel bear.

5) The Silk Road

  • It is the dark website which is used for buying and selling of drugs.
  • This website is removed by FBI hackers.

6) High-speed internet

  • To access the dark website, it needs high-speed internet.

3) What is the difference between deep and dark web?

Surface web, dark web, deep web

Deep web

Dark web

1) The database, a web service for any dynamic site. 1) Highly advanced encrypted network available only for tor clients and servers.
2) When you are in the Facebook account, then you are in the deep web. 3) Dark web is accessed only through tor browser, which is used to sell illegal products and download pirated software.
3) Not indexed by search engines to ensure security. 3) Not indexed by search engines because of encrypted code.
4) Huge size. 4) Smaller size, but growing lot in these days.
5) Cannot be accessed by tor browser. 6) It is accessed only by tor network.

 4) Do’s and don’t’s in dark web?

  1. Don’t trust any website, link in dark web.
  2. Cover your webcam of the laptop before you browse in dark web.
  3. Always keep false in Javascript enabled.
  4. Don’t keep any downloading file, while using the dark web.
  5. Dark web is the place for hackers, there is more chance of stealing your personal details.
  6. Don’t click any unknown link in tor, because of illegal activities.
  7. Giving transaction information of Credit card is highly dangerous.The transaction happens more in bitcoins.
5) Why it is difficult for any government to stop activities on the dark web?
  1. Encryption level in dark web makes the user hide his identity and IP address.
  2. Most of the duplicate content, complex URLs makes difficult to track in dark website.
  3. End user’s IP address is bounced back so many times before reaching the website, so it is very difficult to track the IP address of the user.
  4. The browser looks similar to normal browsers. But when a user enters the website, it gives a message to the website server, which is sent to the recipient, again sent back to the user. This makes difficult to check who is seeing the website.

At present dark web is the secret home for illegal activities. But I am sure that it won’t last forever. Because every negative thing should end, secret never lasts for long period.


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